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Crusty Classics ~ The Blueprint

by Ben Preston on May 24, 2017

A little throwback Thursday going on today. Shane Dorian is known today mostly due to the size of his gonads and his reputation as a charging nutcase by committing to some seriously big paddle in waves at Jaws, and terrifyingly open barrels at pipe year in year out. However, what most are unaware of is his prowess and style on smaller waves. For over a decade Shane spent each year on the CT, clocking up a bag of impressive results you’d expect from a surfer as smooth as he is. But in 2004, Shane departed the tour to chase 2 projects, one was Taylor Steele’s Campaign 2 – the other being his own biopic. The Blueprint documents Shane’s career and gives a pretty interesting insight into his way of thinking in the XXL conditions modern surfers have grown to know. Highlights of this movie not only include a rad soundtrack that really suits his surfing, but more notably 3 critical sections.

The Opener – if you want to see someone as committed to and effortlessly surf pipe and backdoor this is a perfect example. This part kicks off around 3:30min mark and really paints a good picture of what the movie direction will take you through.

Andy & Shane at Cloudbreak – Shane speaks very highly of the late and great Andy Irons, describing his power and style on his backhand as a style that shines the most in really perfect waves, especially lefts – of course Andy got the best wave in the section. More importantly this part is still incredibly relevant today and it’s a good 12 years old! Fast-forward to 7min to get this section into gear.

Shane’s Mind – at 29:30min, Taj paints a pretty accurate picture of what Shane Dorian is today – a maniac. The footage that follows and what he says about committing to waves of consequence hold true to his ability. However it’s how he describes the feeling of going over the falls and taking a beating is what is eerily sinister. Most people wouldn’t say taking a beating is part of the fun, yet for Shane it’s what keeps him in check to charge harder and take a different line to everyone else in the line up.

It’s a long movie and not one you can get away with on an extended toilet break. This one deserves your full attention and a couple of beers. By the end of the movie you’ll count Shane Dorian as one of your favourite surfers to date, Enjoy!

Simon Anderson ~ Thruster Invention

by Todd Ward on May 4, 2017

Step inside the mind (and factory) of Simon Anderson, creator of the thruster fin setup, which has evidently become the standard of surfboard design. The thruster fin setup has been thoroughly tried and tested and remains the favourite fin configuration for a lot of surfers. It offers more release than a quad fin setup but provides more control than a twin fin setup (and arguably more drive). Grab a beer and open your ears to Simon’s theory on board design and see what makes him tick!

View the full range of Simon Anderson board models right HERE.
Order a custom or leave an enquiry to see what’s available in stock.

Brett Barley on the Siamese Twin

by Todd Ward on May 4, 2017

Brett Barley documents his first ride on the brand new Siamese Twin Fin by SUPERbrand Surfboards.

Get an inside look at this brand new model as Brett takes on the waves of North Carolina and puts the Siamese Twin through it’s paces to see what this board is really capable of.

Put this board on your Christmas in July wish list!

Kai Hing & Lee Wilson

by Todd Ward on April 26, 2017

Kai Hing & Lee Wilson threading the needle in Bali. 3.10 till the end will have you mesmerised and your eye balls glued to the screen. It’s just a taste of what’s to come from these 2 in the long awaited Metal Neck 3.

Lee Wilson’s riding a range of sleds from Chilli Surfboards and Kai’s back foot’s locked in with his signature Creatures tailpad.

Footage by Matt Tromberg & Shane Fletcher

Eternity // Part One ft. Courtney Conlogue

by Todd Ward on April 24, 2017

Courtney Conlogue is easy to love and there’s a few reasons why! Enjoy part 1 of ETERNITY, a new series showcasing surfing from Courtney at all your favourite spots around the globe.

Part 1 features free surfing around the 1st stop on the WSL tour, Gold Coast Australia. If playful point breaks with crystal clear water and get you hyped then we strongly advise you tune into this one!

Courtney predominantly rides Stamps Surfboards however craft from Pyzel Surfboards has made it’s way under her feet for a fun session off the wall at D-Bah.

Film & Edit by Dillon Chang
Water Cinematography by Owen Milne
Motion Design by Tre Bennett
Color by Dillon Chang & Jack Tashdjian
Music: “Time is on Our Side” by Azure Blue

POP QUIZ! Questions with the worlds best!

by Todd Ward on April 20, 2017

What’s Joel Parkos all time favourite breakfast?
Can Maud Le Car do a textbook impression of a goat?

Watch your favourite WSL pros honestly answer questions about their daily lifestyle and surfing careers, including a heartwarming reaction to Owen Wright’s incredible win at the Quicksilver Pro after a horrific accident at Pipeline that could have ended his surfing career.

5 Reasons To Get Stoked on Winter

by Ben Preston on April 19, 2017

Tofino, Canada

If you’re here in the southern hemisphere, it’s coming into a time of year when every surfer either loves or hates it because of the word “cold”. Yes we are writing this from Queensland so for us, when it’s cold and we pull out our 2/2 short arms or 3/2 on those “colder days”. Anyone from down south, now’s your time for a good laugh at Queenslanders saying it’s cold. All of us here at Boardcave love it, it’s not only exciting for the fact of low crowd, new wetsuits and early morning coffee’s. But more or less winter is just an awesome time to be a surfer. The swells we get only attract the ones willing to get suited up and get in the water for the reward.

You really should get excited for winter – especially because of these 5 reasons below.

1. Wetsuits – As a grom, a brand new wetsuit always had this awesome smell. I don’t know what it is with us surfers, but distinct smells that remind us from being groms, really brings back good memories. Remember the first time you set foot in a shaping bay? But having a new wetsuit for the season is such a good feeling. They’re soft, don’t have holes in them and let water in places you don’t want or worn out knee pads, but they feel so good on during your first surf. Once you break it in, you’ll be in heaven for the rest of the season.

2. Winter Swells – Ahhh, the swells that hit through the season are generally low in crowd factor and epic in smile factor. It’s an even better time to test out some new boards you’ve had your eye on that you’ve been considering over the summer months. It’s not too often you have fun on your summer board in winter so it’s worth looking around for a board that you could consider as a winter fun board just to keep in the car in case of.

3. Mid season escape – One thing that’s handy for us being in Aus, is how close indo is. It’s annoying we can only take a couple of boards but the good thing is it means the boards you’ve tested in the swells over winter here, generally work over there. While you don’t need to worry about a full length seal skin over there, a vest isn’t a bad thing to consider if by chance you cop a cold water current whilst your there.

4. Wax up Look Sharp – Fortunately for us in Queensland, we don’t have to worry too much about the water changing temperature too drastically for us to change it on our boards. But honestly, there is no worse thing than realising the wax you’ve applied just flakes off because the water’s too cold for your warm water coating. It pays to know what temp the waters are around your local and which wax you should apply to your base and top coats so you’re not left waxless on that new board.

5. Early mornings – Winter early’s really are special! Get down the beach, go for a paddle in that new suit or on that new board. However coming in across the ice cold sand isn’t pleasant, which makes an early, post-surf coffee all the more rewarding. Standing in the carpark chatting away about how good the surf was with your mates and enjoying that first brew of the day. Epic!!

Want more on reasons to love winter? Check here to get even more stoked.

How to Pack Your Boards

by Ben Preston on April 12, 2017

Board bags ready to go

By now you would have all seen what has happened in the ongoing saga of surfers vs. airlines, in this case with Alex Gray recently. Can you imagine heading to your destination, opening the bag to discover the new boards you’ve invested your last 10 pay cheques into, are all but destroyed. Now we don’t want to see this happen to you so, we the people at Boardcave have come up with a mini checklist on how you can avoid these catastrophes to prevent breaking your boards by the baggage boys.

1. Fly with a reputable airline. Obviously American Airlines have a pretty bad wrap in this department so maybe consider other airlines and check out their baggage policies. Some are worse than others and damaging surfboards isn’t the first time they have done this. It’s happened to Slater and John John too (his incident was with JetBlue)

2. Getting the right boards for the trip. Depending where your off to, get the right board for the trip. If its indo, take a couple of boards that have you covered in everything from small softer conditions to a board that can handle bigger powerful padang tubes

3. Get the bag for you boards. Now this is critical. You want to make sure the board bag isn’t too small or too big. Too small and it won’t allow for a little wiggle room, too big and your boards will more than likely get flung around like a sausage down a hallway. Look for something 4-6in bigger than the biggest board your taking, and make sure it has straps inside to secure the boards to the board bag. Most bags come with this feature now, and if they don’t, leggies work just as good as an improvised strap.

4. Pack em’ right, keep em’ tight! Make sure your rails, tip and tail are covered. For rails the best coverage is purchase yourself some pool noodles, cut down the middle and then attach them to your board. Hold them in place with little duct tape. For the tip and tail, tape on a solid piece of cardboard around them, it will prevent knocking around and keep them fresh. Next make sure your fins are removed (obviously) and stick a towel between your boards for a little extra padding. Pack you boardies (wetties if it’s what your taking) and all your surf gear around them for extra support

5. Finally, make sure the weight of the bag packed up isn’t going to be too light or too heavy. You need to find that balance so it doesn’t scream “thrown me”. Find this balance and you should be ok.. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to take a ding kit with you.

We can’t guarantee that following this guide will have your quiver safe and sound upon arrival. But if you pack appropriately you should be ok.

Soft Top Froth Down Under

by Ben Preston on April 5, 2017

Alright, let’s get one thing straight here.. Surfing is a fun thing. If you think it’s anything else you’re tripping! Yes we are well aware summer’s over for another season but let’s just remind ourselves of the fact that you can go for a paddle with your mates and have a laugh and it doesn’t need to be on your 5’5 19 ¼ high performance board.

Lets just wind it back and reimagine yourself on a Catch Surf under foot. Put it this way, the fun times of a finless, super small, bright like neon lights colours of a soft top just demand you to have fun and throw it back to what surfing started out as. No these aren’t kids boards, no they aren’t a boogie board and you don’t have to worry about getting a ding!

The best thing about these things is the amount of head turning people give you and the amount of guys in the water oozing jealousy because they know your having 10 times more fun than they are. Check the vid and get stoked! Its always cool to see footage of Kalani Robb if your an old school frother and stoke out on what you and your homies could be doing after work in the shorey tomorrow afternoon.

Mason Ho explains the Voodoo Child

by Tommy Barrels on March 29, 2017

Take a tour of Mason Ho‘s signature Lost Surfboards model, the Voodoo Child, conducted by none other than the man himself of course.

Sit down with Mason as he gets into the nitty gritty details of this model which you may not have realised were included as standard. Features like the subtle beak nose, foot moulds, and more that you won’t normally find in your standard everyday shortboards.

If you’re keen to try something slightly left of the norm, but thinking of an all round shortboard that’ll work in pretty much all conditions up to 6ft, this is it!