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Is this the best Cloudbreak ever?

At its core, surfing revolves around optimism, with the belief that a remarkable day is just around the bend. Each surfer anticipates encountering the most extraordinary wave of their life, patiently awaiting its arrival. This narrative recounts a day when these unparalleled waves manifested for nearly every individual in the lineup. Fueled by a robust Southern Ocean storm and an exceptionally promising forecast, a surge of hope permeated the hearts of hundreds. This anticipation attracted enthusiasts from various distances, luring them to one of the world's premier tropical reef breaks. Some traversed the globe via planes, while others embarked on a short journey aboard a tin boat, armed with oversized boards, navigating 30 minutes from Viti Levu. All eyes were fixed on the spectacle as surfers rode the most exceptional and surreal waves witnessed on Earth in 2024. Join Benji Brand, Parker and Conner Coffin, Kohl Christensen, Soli Bailey, Nathan Florence, ChΓ© Slatter, Laura Enever, Mick Davey, Billy Kemper, Mesa Kunabutu, Jai Glindeman, and Mark Visser as they experience the fulfillment of their hopeful expectations. Meanwhile, Surfline forecasters Hugh McDowell and Kevin Wallis provide insights, revealing the intricacies of how this extraordinary day unfolded.

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11/03/2023 4:05 pm

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