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Julian Wilson - Flight Practice

Julian Wilson has got to be in the running for the best aerial surfer on tour. Finely tuned under his feet is a model which Julian and JS Industries shaper Jason Stevenson have been working on since 2013, The Air 17. Read More

14/06/2019 5:11 pm

Dylan Graves on the Misc Twin by Haydenshapes

The MISC. A free flowing, fast twin-fin with the ability to change your surfing style by forcing you to relax and let the drag-free nature of the twin fins do the work. Combine this with the already relaxed but radical surfing of Dylan Graves and you have one of the most fun looking surfboards money can buy. Read More

14/06/2019 3:09 pm

WATCH: Craig Anderson's latest clip

The Quieter You Are The More You Hear.

A title that's actually kind of true. For a surfer such as Craig Anderson who has always been directly in the spotlight, you could say that for the last two or so years he has been somewhat missing. Now with the release of this latest clip we get to see his tracks over the last couple of years artistically cut into a 20 minute short. It's safe to say Craig and his photographer Dave Fox are well travel visiting places like Portugal, Indo and Iceland to name a few...

Craig is riding his Haydenshapes favourites including the White Noiz, Hypto Krypto and a stretched out Cannon single fin.

7/06/2019 10:47 am

RVCA welcomes Asher Pacey

Asher Pacey re-joins the RVCA team. The stylish twin-fin wizard now shredding with a new sticker on the nose of his DHD - Mini Twin 2.

3/06/2019 9:52 am

Nathan Florence is crowned the Red Bull Cape Fear Champion.

It was no surprise to see Nathan Florence take the win at this years Red Bull Cape Fear. The young Hawaiian has been on fire in the world of big wave surfing. Nathan surfed fearlessly through every heat opting to do the hard yards and paddle into every wave he caught. Check out the post below from the Red Bull Surfing instagram highlighting his best waves. Read More

13/05/2019 3:21 pm

WATCH: In and Around Water Ep. 1 Panama

Hurleys first instalment of the new series "In and Around Water". Shot on the coast of the Caribbean island of Panama. Filipe Toledo, Barron Mamiya and Yadin Nicol go blow for blow in draining a-frame set-ups. Lefts, rights, closeouts and drops that only surfers like these guys could make. Read More

10/05/2019 4:44 pm

WATCH: DREAM AGAIN Starring Luke Davis.

Dream Again starring Luke Davis . A dreamy Balinese point break and an 80's style thruster being surfed to it's limits. The Rad Ripper by Lost Surfboards. Read More

7/05/2019 3:52 pm

WATCH: Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson & more shred on a Town & Country Twin Fin

Throwback to 2013 when Red Bull took their surf team on a trip to tahiti for a series called Red Bull Decades. In this episode the likes of Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino, Jamie O'Brien and Ian Walsh get their hands on an iconic 80's Town & Country twin fin called 'The Saint'. Read More

3/05/2019 5:07 pm

Are you Surfing the Wrong Board?

How surfboard volume is changing the industry and what you can learn. Get the most out of Surfboard volume calculators and surfboard charts. Read More

24/04/2019 4:46 pm

WATCH: APOTEK ft. Chippa, Lee Wilson and Robbie Rickard

Credit: Brixton
Film: Shane Fletcher

WATCH: Nate Tyler and friends on the MISC

The Haydenshapes Misc is the latest edition to the Haydenshapes range. Super drivey, fast and loose above the lip. The MISC. is a Haydenshapes team-rider favourite for those wanting that elusive performance twin. It'll have you’ll flying down the line and drawing plenty of speed with that drag-free twin fin feeling.

Click the image below to view the featured MISC by Haydenshapes

Haydenshapes MISC

12/04/2019 10:51 am

WATCH: Colin Moran's debut Octopus Clip

Check out the latest clip from Octopus featuring Colin "Goose" Moran. Colin has been a favourite among the Boardcave team for awhile now mainly because of his unique style, in particular the reverse layback/grab hack's he throws at the lip (as seen in the video title image). Could this manoeuvre be how he was nicknamed "the Goose"? Probably not, but we think it's rad. Enjoy the clip!

Check out the what Colin is Riding below:

Footage by:
Matt Tromberg
Michael Cukr
Blake Myers
Hunter Martinez
James Kinnaird
Jack Coleman
and possibly some other dudes.

Edited by:
Matt Payne

11/04/2019 4:20 pm
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