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Bending Water - By Nate Tyler & Haydenshapes

Bending Water - Nate Tyler

This ripping new clip from Nate Tyler and Haydenshapes Surfboards was shot entirely around his home, on the Central Coast of California. Nate is a man of many talents! Most people may not know that apart from surfing, Nate also designs custom homewares and artworks. He's always had a creative, unique style and approach in and out of the water. Over recent years Nate's creativity along with fellow Haydenshapes team rider Dion Agius has also been channeled into a new surfboard traction company Octopus is Real.

Board models ridden in this clip with Nate's dimensions are listed below:

Haydenshapes Untitled - 5'7" x 18 7/8" x 2 1/4"
Haydenshapes Love Buzz - 5'8" x 18 7/8" x 2 5/16"
A new concept Twin Fin that Hayden's been working on that will hopefully be released soon.

Credits: Footage shot by Tyge Landa, Perry Gershkow, David Malcom.

20/09/2018 4:31 pm

Flexi-Hex recyclable and reusable surfboard packaging

Introducing the revolutionary Flexi-Hex surfboard packaging!

FLEXIHEX SURFBOARD PACKAGING is the most user friendly and environmentally friendly surfboard packaging on the market, and it's available right now!

The lite sleeve, mid sleeve and XL sleeve allow you have a surfboard ready for shipping in only 2 minutes. The mid sleeve is perfect for anyone selling surfboards on Gumtree or Ebay and shipping nationally, also surfboard manufactures and brands shipping direct to customers. Need a little protection inside your board bag while traveling? The lite sleeve will do the trick!

The current bubble wrap and box solution for anyone shipping surfboards domestically is time consuming, costly and has a harmful effect on the environment due to the excessive use of bubble wrap. Flexi-Hex surfboard packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard and it's re usable. Simply slide the sleeves over your board and you're ready to ship! Flexi-hex can be used to pack many different board types including: shortboard surfboards, longboard surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards and more!

Want to use Flexi-Hex packaging for your business? Hit the live chat or help button at the bottom right of your screen and we'll get back to you asap!

Shopping for Flexi-Hex sleeves in the USA? - Shop for Flexi-Hex sleeves in USD HERE


7/09/2018 3:33 pm

Boardcave x Pavati Wake Boats

FLAT DAY FUN ~ We linked up with Pavati Wake Boats to make our own waves! WATCH NOW - The Surfers Corner - Read More

21/11/2017 4:33 pm

Selecting the Right Tail Pad

HOW TO | Ever wondered what the difference is between tail pads? Get that back foot firmly planted through those epic turns by knowing what you need Read More

20/06/2017 5:15 pm

Crusty Classics ~ Shelter

The 2001 classic by The Moonshine Conspiracy - Shelter. A meloncholy surf movie about the beauty of surfing and creating good times. WATCH IT HERE Read More

8/06/2017 1:30 pm

Wax On Wax Off

HOW TO | Wax is Science and Here's A Breakdown to Why it Matters to Use it Correctly! The Boardcave Guide to Using The Right Wax For Your Sled Read More

6/06/2017 1:00 pm

3 Perfect Travel Combos

Going away soon and need some board ideas to catch that perfect wave? Look no further than these 3 board combos perfect for tropical reef passes. Read More

31/05/2017 3:00 pm

Brett Barley on the Siamese Twin

Put the SUPERbrand Siamese Twin fin model on your Christmas in July wish list! Brett Barley rides and reviews here! Read More

4/05/2017 1:03 pm

Kai Hing and Lee Wilson

Kai Hing & Lee Wilson getting down in Bali | Just a taste of what's to come from the boys in Metal Neck 3. Read More

26/04/2017 3:26 pm

Soft Top Froth Down Under

Get stoked on your next favourite fun board and watch an epic road trip up the east coast of Australia on a soft top Read More

5/04/2017 4:06 pm

Mason Ho explains the Voodoo Child

Take a tour of Mason Ho's signature Lost Surfboards model, the Voodoo Child! - Conducted by none other than the man himself of course! Read More

29/03/2017 2:27 pm

Isolated Perfection

Isolated Perfecton - A remote wave over a ruler edge reef, in the middle of the ocean takes Asher Pacey to insane delights - WATCH HERE. Read More

21/03/2017 2:09 pm
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