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The Mick Fanning Twin by FCS

Twin Fins have long been associated with speed, another thing that is associated with speed is Mick Fanning's Surfing. Now thankfully at the hands of FCS the two have finally been fused and packaged up for the every day surfer to sample.

Disclaimer: The fins in this video won't make you surf exactly like Mick Fanning. However Mick has certified them and we think if that's your aim, then this set of fins are your best chance at doing so.

Tune into Mick Fanning's Behind the Curtain with his new FCS II Twin Fin + 1 set and learn about the R&D process behind the design.

Give these fins are closer look by clicking the link below!

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Mick Fanning Twin Fin FCS

6/10/2021 1:13 pm

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