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Jordy Smith | Silver Linings Ep 1&2

Episode 1

If you were a professional surfer amidst the Covid outbreak chances were you got stranded in a Surfing dream full of uncrowded waves. For Jordy Smith that was Hawaii and eventually his home turf in South Africa where he hadn't been back to surf the winter swell in over 14 years.

Episode 2

Even since Jordy won the 2006 World Juniors then the QS series the following year he has been on the Championship Tour. In 2021 Jordy claimed 7th place. As good as this is we know after watching this series that Jordy has plenty more left in the tank.

What's he riding?

This year Jordy announced he was formalising his own brand of Surfboards called SMTH Shapes. After spending years surfing and contributing to the development of models with some of the best shapers in the world, Jordy has gone back to his roots to collaborate with his father. Graham Smith has decades of shaping experience that dates back to surfings heritage days. This deep rooted knowledge combined with Jordy's constant R&D makes them the perfect duo to create intelligent surfboard design.

Jordy's go to performance model is called the SMTH Shapes - Maytrix which you can see him riding majority of the time in this series as he perfects the design.

10/11/2021 12:52 pm

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