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5 Reasons To Get Stoked on Winter

If you're here in the southern hemisphere, it’s coming into a time of year when every surfer either loves or hates it because of the word “cold”. Yes we are writing this from Queensland so for us, when it’s cold and we pull out our 2/2 short arms or 3/2 on those “colder days”. Anyone from down south, now’s your time for a good laugh at Queenslanders saying it’s cold. All of us here at Boardcave love it, it’s not only exciting for the fact of low crowd, new wetsuits and early morning coffee’s. But more or less winter is just an awesome time to be a surfer. The swells we get only attract the ones willing to get suited up and get in the water for the reward.

You really should get excited for winter - especially because of these 5 reasons below.

1. Wetsuits - As a grom, a brand new wetsuit always had this awesome smell. I don't know what it is with us surfers, but distinct smells that remind us from being groms, really brings back good memories. Remember the first time you set foot in a shaping bay? But having a new wetsuit for the season is such a good feeling. They’re soft, don’t have holes in them and let water in places you don’t want or worn out knee pads, but they feel so good on during your first surf. Once you break it in, you’ll be in heaven for the rest of the season.

2. Winter Swells - Ahhh, the swells that hit through the season are generally low in crowd factor and epic in smile factor. It’s an even better time to test out some new boards you’ve had your eye on that you’ve been considering over the summer months. It’s not too often you have fun on your summer board in winter so it’s worth looking around for a board that you could consider as a winter fun board just to keep in the car in case of.

3. Mid season escape - One thing that’s handy for us being in Aus, is how close indo is. It’s annoying we can only take a couple of boards but the good thing is it means the boards you’ve tested in the swells over winter here, generally work over there. While you don’t need to worry about a full length seal skin over there, a vest isn’t a bad thing to consider if by chance you cop a cold water current whilst your there.

4. Wax up Look Sharp - Fortunately for us in Queensland, we don’t have to worry too much about the water changing temperature too drastically for us to change it on our boards. But honestly, there is no worse thing than realising the wax you’ve applied just flakes off because the water’s too cold for your warm water coating. It pays to know what temp the waters are around your local and which wax you should apply to your base and top coats so you’re not left waxless on that new board.

5. Early mornings - Winter early’s really are special! Get down the beach, go for a paddle in that new suit or on that new board. However coming in across the ice cold sand isn’t pleasant, which makes an early, post-surf coffee all the more rewarding. Standing in the carpark chatting away about how good the surf was with your mates and enjoying that first brew of the day. Epic!!

Want more on reasons to love winter? Check here to get even more stoked.

19/04/2017 5:02 pm