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5 High Volume Shortboards That Will Lift Your Performance.

Luke Hynd DHD Surfboards for sale
Luke Hynd feeling that extra pop on his 3DV.

Putting the most elite surfboard designs under your feet to surf better definitely doesn’t work for everybody. We all like the idea of riding what the pro’s ride but that’s not really the best way to go about it, especially if you only have the weekends to go surfing…

By definition the following boards are designed to lift your performance and make surfing more fun. The extra volume is “hidden” meaning it is cleverly distributed throughout the board in places that count, such as under the chest.

Volume II - Chilli Surfboards

First off the ranks is the new Chilli Surfboards - Volume II . Developed with the input of Mitch Coleborn to increase his ability to perform in average waves. As the name suggests this model has a decent amount of float with most of the volume distributed through the centre of the board to make it paddle like a dream. Check out the video below of Mitch surfing like he’s as light as a feather. Warning: This video features a pretty gross fin chop.


The Loot - Haydenshapes

Another board that has recently hit the high volume performance radar is the Loot by Haydenshapes. The Loot is all about that forward widepoint, high volume blended with performance. Jake Kelley (featured in the clip below) describes it as feeling similar to the Hypto Krypto but quicker in transition, meaning he prefers it for more top to bottom surfing. The evidence is clear, he rips on it.


The 3DV - DHD

The 3DV by DHD is one of the most perfectly balanced high volume performance shortboards you’ll find. The extra volume in the 3DV doesn’t compromise it’s performance.You’ll most likely see this board come out with any of the DHD WSL team when the waves lack power and that extra pop is required to get the most out of the conditions. It’s also worth noting there is an even more high volume version of this model named the 3DX. Check out the video below of DHD shaper Darren Handley talking through the magic of this model.


The Phantom - Pyzel Surfboards

One model that can’t be excluded from the list is the Phantom by Pyzel. The Phantom is from the same DNA as the infamous Pyzel Ghost. Keeping the same wide point forward template that we know and love but modifying the bottom contours and tail to allow it to be more playful in smaller surf. The Phantom is not crazy high in volume so if you want extra float injected into this same model Pyzel have released the Phantom XL to cater for this. There’s something magic about the “Ghost Family” that most likely comes down to the R&D with surfers like John John Florence. Check out the video below of Jon Pyzel and his “Ghost Family” range.


The Bullseye - JS Industries

Introduced by Jason Stevenson and Mark Occhilupo earlier this year, the JS - Bullseye. This user-friendly and all-round versatile board is the perfect example of high volume performance. After years of making thicker versions of his popular models such as the Monsta 8, JS decided to release two new ones to cater for the heavier surfers that rip. The second model in the release is the Raging Bull, it’s designed to have the same feeling but with more refinement for serious surf. Check out the video below of Occy ripping on this new model.

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8/11/2019 12:13 pm