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Dancing Barefoot | Oscar Langburne

Oscar Langburne surfs with style that can't be taught. At only 16 years of age it will be very interesting to see how the skills of this very talented kid develop, especially when he'll be spending most his years surfing perfect waves with his heros. For some more context on Oscar and his latest film, we'll let him explain it:

"Surfing is a super fun part of my life. Don’t know how to explain it but it’s just such a fucking beautiful thing.

From being inspired by Asher, Steph, Rob, Parko, Craig, Creed, Tom Curren and people who never look like they’re fighting the wave to also seeing the joy surfing gives most people... kids starting out, old people just floating around with a smile.

There are no airs in it cause if people wanna watch airs it’s not going to be me it’s going to be the best guys like Ryan, Jon, Chippa, Taj all those crazy good surfers or kids and younger guys like Noah, Eli, Shane and Cole. Maybe in another clip or maybe not..."

oscar langburne surfboards haydenshapes
Oscar surfs a mixed range of boards from Haydenshapes such as the White Noiz (right) and the Untitled (left)

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13/09/2019 2:12 pm