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DMS Surfboards

Meet Dan McDonald, mastermind behind the patented Carbon Warp Construction and DMS Surfboards.

We're often asked what blanks are used for custom carbon wrap boards shaped in Australia. Recently Dan has launched Aeroblank, a surfboard blank company Dan is using on custom carbon wrap orders. It's an improved EPS blank which is not only a breeze to shape, but in the event you ding your board in the surf, it doesn't take in anywhere near as much water as other EPS blanks. You won't end up with a waterlogged board if it's pumping and you want to stay out a little longer.

Carbon is something we see all too often on shortboards these days. Ever wondered the science behind it's strategic placement, especially on EPS epoxy boards? Dan explains the reasons behind carbon placement on the Carbon Wrap Construction and why it works so well for the average to advanced surfer.

24/11/2017 11:44 am