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Jake Kelley on "The Loot" by Haydenshapes

The Loot is a fairly new model to the Haydenshapes range. Until now we haven't seen a whole lot of content of on it. Team rider Jake Kelley happily volunteered to put it through it's paces and judging by the video above, wasn't disappointed in the result.

With less width in the nose then the Plunder but plenty more then most shortboards the Loot is the perfect in between of fun and performance. Read on to hear Jakes thoughts on riding this model.

The Loot by Haydenshapes Jake Kelley

Jake Kelley's thoughts on the Loot

"I really didn’t know what to expect out of the Loot when I first got it. I rode it in Indo on our Haydenshapes team trip first in some really fun beach break tubes and it worked pretty epic. Then when I brought it home, I started riding it in everything. My favourite surf to ride it in was around head-high, punchy beach break, and also a punchy cobblestone point by my house. It’s got a really cool feel to go fast on because it’s so flat, so it carries a ton of speed. Then when you step back you can still put it on rail. It’s one of the funnest air boards I’ve ever had, too because with that speed—it carries a lot of pop. It’s also really smooth on rail because you can transfer through all the flat spots on waves."

"For me it’s not much like any board I’ve ridden before. I’d say the closest feel I had to another board as this one would be the Hypto Krypto, but the Loot feels a bit quicker in transition, actually."

28/10/2019 4:08 pm