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Mick Fanning's DHD Board Stories

A series inspired by the rich history of DHD surfboards: Mick Fanning and Darren Handley of DHD, his long time board shaper, sit down and discuss the creation of his world tour winning surfboards. Check out the full series below as they dive into the life memories that are attached to each magic board!

Episode 1 - Early Days

In episode 1, Mick and Darren talk about the board Mick rode when he was a teenager, the board that got him through his first search trip, his first boat trip, and the pro juniors. Mick remembers riding this board around the time of the death of his brother, Sean. He talks about his first sponsored trip for a brand was to Bells, which started his love affair with the location. These DHD boards were with Mick back when it was all about him, Dingo, and Parko. [ Dean Morrison & Joel Parkinson]

Episode 2 - 2nd & 3rd World Titles

In episode 2, Darren and Mick look at the second and third world title boards. Mick remembers taking the fins off his first world title board and having them replicated for his new board. Reflecting back when he and Parko were neck and neck in ‘09 and the tension that was created between best mates down at the end of the season.

There's no doubt that Mick Fanning's success has played a huge role in the DHD brand becoming recognised as one of the best in the world. Each DHD model goes through extensive R&D by surfers such as Mick until it feels fine tuned. This close relationship between shaper and surfer is why DHD continue to make some of the best high performance surfboards in the world.

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