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Surfboards Sydney

Sydney Australia is one of the major hubs for the surf industry in the world. With so many world renown shapers in a close proximity, there is no shortage of Surfboards Sydney has to offer. With some of the best waves and shapers New South Wales has to offer, the surfboards in Sydney cover everything from high performance shortboards to hybrids, logs and fish surfboards. If you are new to surfing, you can check out the range of beginner surfboards to get you started.

With popular brand names hailing from the area like Haydenshapes Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards, Eye Symmetry, Warner and more, Sydney Surfboards are some of the best around.

    • ACSOD Surfboards
    • Alex Crews
    • Tweed Heads South
    • 10
    • Eli Steele
    ACSOD Surfboards is a young fresh surfboard brand created by head shaper Alex Crews. Alex Crews Shapes Or Die create a range of boards inspired by style, performance and quality.
    • Chilli Surfboards
    • Jamie Cheal
    • Warriewood
    • 23
    • Greg Webber, Greg Clough
    • Mitch Coleborn, Jay Davies, Kobi Clements
    Jamie Cheal is head shaper at Chilli Surfboards the leaders in high performance surfboards for a range of surfers around the world.
    • Emery Surfboards
    • Alan Emery
    • Byron Bay NSW
    • Adam Melling, Harry Bryant
    Emery Surfboards has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s leading surfboard manufacturers supplying their range of surfboard models to surfers around Australia and the world.
    • Eye Symmetry Surfboards
    • Max Stewart
    • Brookvale
    • Tom Carroll, Hector Santamaria, Oscar Langburne
    Eye Symmetry created by Shaper Max Stewart produce aesthetically pleasing, high performance, innovative designs that look as good as they surf and provide surfers like Tom Carroll the ride they need to keep up with their performance.
    • Gunther Rohn Surfboards
    • Gunther Rohn
    • Ballina
    • 47
    • Anthony Walsh, Dion Atkinson, Rachel Campbell, Mikaela Green, Seb Smart, Darren O'Rafferty, Chris Bennetts
    Gunther Rohn, with over 40 years experience, established Local Motion Surfboards, which are based in Ballina, New South Wales. The shapes produced suit all types of surfers, with the most current performance surfboards available.
    • Haydenshapes Surfboards
    • Hayden Cox
    • Mona Vale
    • 21
    • Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart
    Haydenshapes produces some of the more innovative surfboards, designed and shaped by Hayden Cox. FiberFlex technology is used in the shaping of the surfboards, invented by Hayden.
    • JS Industries
    • Jason Stevenson
    • Tweed Heads
    • Joel 'Parko' Parkinson, Julian Wilson, Mikey Wright, Owen Wright, Adrian Buchan, Sally Fitzgibbons, Jeremy Flores, Ryan Callinan
    Jason Stevenson has been surfing since age 5 and shaping since he was 25. Starting world known brand JS Industries, Jason boasts numerous world champions as just some of the surfers that ride his custom boards.
    • Lost Surfboards
    • Matt “Mayhem” Biolos
    • Tweed Heads
    • 21
    • Herbie Fletcher, Timmy Patterson, Jim Fuller, Terry Senate, and Randy Sleigh to name a few
    • Taj Burrow, Mason Ho, Kolohe Andino, Noah Beschen, Balaram Stack, Carissa Moore and Coco Ho to name a few.
    Lost Surfboards by Mayhem Matt Biolos is one of the world's leading performance surfboard companies, with many of the world's best surfers selecting to ride Lost Surfboards.
    • LSD Surfboards
    • LSD Surfboards
    • Yamba
    • 22
    • Matt Banting
    LSD Surfboards are created in Angourie NSW and made by surfers for surfers with a strong combination of performance and fun.
    • Matt Penn Designs
    • Matt Penn
    • Mona Vale
    • 25
    • Greg Webber
    • Tim Taplin, Jack Perry
    Matt Penn has been shaping for over two decades, working with many of the leading shapers from the Northern Beaches in Sydney to provide premium quality surfboards for all types of surfers.
    • MH Surfboards
    • Matt Hurworth
    • Tweed Heads
    • 26
    • Gunther Rohn, Joe Larkin
    • Chippa Wilson
    MH Surfboards are designed and shaped by Matt Hurworth. All MH Surfboards are refined and tested by leading surfers including innovative surfers like Chippa Wilson.
    • Misfit Shapes
    • Dave Howell
    • Mona Vale
    • Col Ladhams
    • Otis Carey, Luke Stedman, Chris Salisbury, George Henderson, Jack Irvin, Josh Sleep, Tyler Atkins, Cloudy Rhodes, Gareth Budge, Mitch Vanderveer, Cam Stynes, Dallas Peterson, Harry Musgrove, Robbie France
    Dave Howell has a passion for progression, learning from his clients to continue to advance their boards. Misfit Surfboards is a brand that embodies innovation, never being content with perfecting mediocrity. Dave and the Misfit team are committed to separating their boards from the pack.
    • Noosa Longboards
    • Tom Wegener
    • 18
    • Tom Wegener, Tim Crabtree, Glen Maden, Sam Crookshanks, Harrison Biden, Maddy Phillips, Nathan McKenzie.
    Noosa Longboards is located in the heart of Hasting Street, Noosa Heads and is the home to the Australian longboard champion, Josh Constable.
    • Panda Surfboards
    • Blake Peters
    • Mona Vale
    • 13
    • Luke Short
    • Ford Archbold, Jackson Carey, Andrew Doheny
    Panda Surfboards is quickly making a name for their unique craft designed for all surfers and all waves. Blake Peters is the next generation of craftsman mixing modern and classic surfboard design.
    • Rusty Surfboards
    • Aido Wheeler
    • Warriewood
    • 21
    • Josh Kerr, Noa Deane, Willian Cardoso, Nic Vaughan, Holly Beck
    Rusty Surfboards is a brand synonymous with surfing and surf culture. With a huge range of diverse models for every kind of condition, Rusty has definitely got a board model for you.
    • Sculpt Surfboards
    • Nick Miles
    • Brookvale
    • Teale Vanner, Alysse Cooper
    Sculpt Surfboards are about quality, fun progressive technology. Shaper Nick Miles creates quality boards that surf better and last longer.
    • Sharp Eye Surfboards
    • Marcio Zouvi
    • Tweed Heads
    • 30
    • Filipe Toledo, Brian Toth, Alejo Muniz, Cody Thompson
    Sharpeye Surfboards have a focus on high performance shortboards to suit a range of conditions all around the world. Tested by big names like Fillipe Toledo, make sure you check out Sharp Eye Surfboards today!
    • Simon Anderson Surfboards
    • Simon Anderson
    • Mona Vale
    • 43
    • Frank Latta, Ted Spencer, Butch Cooney
    • Kerby Brown, Cortney Brown, Rob Bain, Cooper Chapman
    Simon Anderson Surfboards are synonymous with modern surfing being attributed with the creation of the thruster set up and boasting a wide range of diverse boards in their quiver.
    • Stacey Surfboards
    • Lee Stacey
    • Tweed Heads
    • Murray Bourton, Daryl Bulger, Jason Stevenson
    • Mitch Crews, Evan Gieselman, Dakoda Walters, Kalani David, John 'Bear' Cummings & Jesse Adam.
    Founded by Lee Stacey, Stacey Surfboards operates out of the Northern Sydney Beaches produces fun shortboards with a difference.
    • SUPERbrand
    • Adam Sparrow Fletcher
    • Tweed Heads
    • Clay Marzo, Ry Craike, Nick Vasicek, The Hazza Twins, Paul Fisher
    A collaboration of surfboard shapers from around the world working together to raise the bar in surfboard design and innovation. With an all star team made up of Clay Marzo, Dion Agius and Ry Craike.
    • Vampirate Surfboards
    • Mark Gnech
    • Mona Vale
    • 23
    • Colin Ladhams
    • Ozzie Wright
    Vampirate Surfboards is the collaboration between Mark Gnech and Ozzie Wright. Together they have designed and refined some of the more unique models on Boardcave.com, focused on speed and fun, with a full collection of sleds to surf in all conditions.
    • Warner Surfboards
    • Brett Warner
    • Brookvale
    • 27
    • Greg Clough
    • Koby Abberton, Davey Cathels, Jake Sylvester, Mustofa Jenkens
    Brett Warner started Warner Surfboards in 1996, after he left Greg Clough at Aloha Surfboards. His life has revolved around surfing since the age of three when he got his first surfboard for Christmas from Col Smith.
    • Aloha Surfboards
    • Greg Clough
    • North Sydney
    • 40
    • Caleb Reid, Cam Gray, Dan Karren, Dane Anderson, Davey Vlugg, Forrest Roberts, Jay Quinn, Matt Bemrose, Richie Lovett, Tommy Myers, Tyler Balak, Zahn Foxton
    In the late 70's, Aloha Surfboards was established by Greg Clough. The brand picked up momentum very quickly, attracting positive support from a number of world professionals.
    • Andrew Harris Surfboards
    • Andrew Harris
    • Banksmeadow
    • 15
    In 2003, Andrew Harris began shaping out of his own garage, with over 20 years experience in surfing. Now, with over 9 years experience as a shaper, over 1,200 boards, Andrew Harris has established himself within his community.
    • Bear Surfboards
    • Paul Hutchinson
    • Byron Bay
    • 27
    Bear Surfboards has been established for over 20 years, producing quality handmade surfboards. The showroom in Byron Bay stocks HPD Surfboards, Bear Surfboards including HPD tee-shirts, jumpers and stickers.
    • Dylan Surfboards
    • Dylan Longbottom
    • North Wollongong
    • 23
    • Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner, Dean Bowen, Mick Campbell, Tamaroa McComb, Rhys Bombaci, Manoa Drollett
    Dylan grew up surfing the South Coast of NSW. His dad was a surfer too, and also shaped surfboards in Sydney in the 1970s. Today Dylan surfboards is a growing brand ridden by world class surfers.
    • Joistik Surfboards
    • Nick Blair
    • North Manly
    • 20
    Nick Blair has been a shaper since he was 15 years of age, with over 14 years shaping under Joistik Surfboards. Nick Blair shapes all types of boards, such as high performance, small wave, gun, tow, retro/classic, etc.
    • McTavish Surfboards
    • Bob Mctavish
    • Byron Bay
    • 46
    McTavish Surfboards was established in 1962, by the surfing legend Bob McTavish, although the boards have been manufactured under several different labels over the years.
    • Psillakis Surfboards
    • Mike Psillakis
    • Manly Vale
    • 29
    • Simon Anderson
    Mike Psillakis passion is creating hand shaped surfboards, suiting each individual surfer's requirements. The entire design and shaping process is controlled, and tailored for each surfer, producing a completely unique surfboard.
    • Sollife
    • Scott Crump
    • Tweed Heads
    • 17
    • Phil Byrne
    Scott Crump began surfing over 30 years ago, with over 10 years experience in professional shaping for Sollife. Based on the Gold Coast, Sollife produce high quality, high performance boards, specializing in custom designs.
    • Webber Surfboards
    • Greg Webber
    • Mona Vale
    • Rod Dahlberg
    Greg Webber designs and shapes Webber Surfboards. Greg introduced SLX epoxy to the shaping industry, receiving an amazingly positive response, worldwide.

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