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Who will win? What are they Riding?

Crowd of spectators watching surfing at Snapper Rocks, QLD Australia

As Summer on the Gold Coast has come to an end, things are about to heat up again at Snapper Rocks for the 2019 Quiksilver Pro event!

For locals, even though it's the time of year when surfing at Snapper or Dbah is almost impossible, there is a sort of hype in the air that makes it exciting to be around.

With a bit of luck we’ll see a solid swell roll in for a repeat of last years 2018 show down, where the competition was moved to pumping Kirra on finals day.

To see some of last years action, check out 2018 highlight video below by Gonzalo Lyon Films

  • EVENT WINDOW: April 3 -April 13, 2019
  • LOCATION: Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia
  • AIRPORT ACCESS: Gold Coast Airport, Coolangatta (OOL)

  • The big question is, who will win the 2019 Quiksilver pro? We’ve listed our Boardcave staff picks below for some of the top contenders for this years competition. Click through the carousel to see what gear these athletes are riding to perform their best in Gold Coast conditions.

    29/03/2019 12:10 pm

    Mick, Jay & A Summers Day in WA

    Video Credit: Wyatt Davies / Mark Pacey / Rex
    Production: Kyle Yoko / Creatures of Leisure

    Nothing quite tops trading uncrowded waves with friends. In the latest clip by Creatures of Leisure Mick Fanning crosses coasts to hang out with fellow Creatures team mate Jay Davies at his home playground in West Aus. The lads look like they got pretty lucky with tubes and ramps all day.
    Check out the set up each of them are riding below and click the products for more details

    Jay's Set Up

    Chilli Surfboards Jay Davies A2
    Jay Davies Tail Pad Creatures Julian Wilson FCS Fins
    Front Deck Grip Creatures

    Mick's Set Up

    DHD Mick Fanning DNA Surfboard
    Mick Fanning Tail Pad
    Mick Fanning Fins

    28/02/2019 11:09 am

    Shane Borland in Warm Water

    19 year old Shane Borland finding a couple warm water waves below the border. Filmed by Matt Tromberg Additional Footage : Tom Carey & Dylan Graves. Shane is a big fan of his Panda Surfboards quiver you can view the range below.

    22/02/2019 10:55 am

    Griffin Colapinto - Volume 3

    Volume 3 is the latest clip from Californian surfing prodigy Griffin Colapinto. Check out Griffins full set up below!

    Luke Hynd on The Deadly Mondo

    A board that doesn't ding, doesn't need wax and is fun to surf... Sounds pretty good doesn't it. Check out this clip of Modom team rider Luke Hynd making the most of summer conditions on the Modom Deadly Mondo Softboard.The Deadly Mondo is no regular soft-top! Designed with a single to double concave to vee slick bottom, Futures fin plugs and a deck thats covered nose to tail in Modom grip this board is highly shreddable.

    14/02/2019 9:29 am

    No Cigar ft. Julian Wilson

    No Cigar is a short film by Jimmy Lees that follows Julian Wilson during the nerve racking lead up to the 2018 World Tour title decider in Hawaii where himself and Gabriel Medina where set to go head to head. Theres no doubt that Julian was looking in form and more ready then ever to grab the trophy but in a heat where both surfers where going blow for blow in perfect Pipe Julians world tour campaign was close but no cigar.

    Julian is surfing the Forget Me Not 2 - Round Tail by JS Industries the perfect weapon for hollow pumping waves. Check it out at the link above.

    1/02/2019 3:18 pm

    7 Surf Destinations For The Bucket List

    Dreaming about Surf Trips is important, like, really important. Or at least we like to think so. Having a bunch of places you dream of surfing is key to creating excitement and something to work towards. You’re better off spending your hard earned coin on a dream surf trip than a Foxtel subscription right?

    We always like to think that the excitement and anticipation of a trip in the making is equal, if not greater than the trip itself … Tough point to pitch when you’re being spat out of a tube in Indo, but it’s a nice concept nonetheless.

    Wave of the Day

    A few of our staff have started booking their 2019 surf trips with the guys at Wave Of The Day Surf Travel, so we thought we'd share where the team is headed and what boards they'll be grabbing for the trip!

    Wave of the Day

    Rob, Customer Support

    Where do you want to go? Waidroka Bay Resort, Fiji

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Frigates Pass, 4-6 foot and grinding..

    “Ever since I was a grommet and watched the Truman show, Fiji has been a go to dream destination of mine and that’s before all the amazing waves on offer. I’ve been to Fiji a bunch of times but really excited to go to ‘Waidroka’ as it’s the perfect getaway in my eyes; It’s got some holiday luxuries yet still has the roots of a classic Pacific Surf Trip. It’s surrounded by world class waves, a lot of which are way less surfed than some of Fiji’s most known spots – which is perfect for some quiet sessions!! If the surf goes flat, which it probably won’t, there is amazing diving close by which will keep the gills wet!” – Rob

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Sharpeye Holy Toledo

    Wave of the Day

    Mark, Marketing & Design

    Where do you want to go? Floating surf House, Banyaks

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Treasure Island, 4 foot, No one out, hahaha

    “I’ve done a bunch of Indo trips but I have not been up to the Banyak’s yet and everyone I know that’s been has loved it! Floating Surf House is such a unique style of accommodation and with waves straight out the front I’m real keen to get up there and check it out.

    I also kinda dig the idea of living on the water, it sort of resonates with my idea of an authentic trip in the islands; you know where you see locals living on floating barges, surrounded by the ocean pretty much… It’ll be pretty cool to be sat over the water at the end of each day, dangling my feet in the soup and getting a small experience of living poised over the big blue.” – Mark

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Hammo Pro Series 1

    Wave of the Day

    Dave, Web Management, Photographer

    Where do you want to go? The Maldives, Southern Atolls on ‘The Blue Horizon’

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? Tiger Stripes, 4 foot, walling and perfect for a single fin.

    “Real keen to get over to the Southern Atolls as I’ve been really into my single fins and mid length boards of late. The waves over there are great for big open faces, perfect for my 6’8 Single fin.

    I also love film photography and when you have a bunch of mates on a boat, you surf for a bit, go grab the camera and shoot for an hour then keep the fins on and body surf…That’s my happy place for sure! Just being on a boat is the best, no distractions and pure focus on the ocean and having a good old time.” – Dave

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Haydenshapes Cannon

    Wave of the Day

    Chrisso, Marketing & Customer Support

    Where do you want to go? PNG, Vanimo Surf Lodge

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? A couple of little tubes at Yako with just me a few local grommets hooting each other into waves, that’s the dream.

    I’ve been super into my cold water trips this last couple of years and although I’ve had some troppo time in the Ments I’m keen to check out a new zone and have a bit of Island time. I’ve yet to go to PNG and Vanimo looks like an epic place to go with the missus, surf some super fun waves, read, get to know some locals and really enjoy some chill time in the jungle.

    I shaped my first board earlier this year, super fun, kind of performancey ‘Twin plus 1’ and the waves around Vanimo look so perfect for it!! I’m just frothing on a new adventure, heaps of time in the water and getting to surf some different boards in a beautiful setting!” – Chrisso

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Gary McNeil Mini Pip

    Wave of the Day

    Kate, Accounting

    Where do you want to go? Jasper House, Sri Lanka

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? – Hiriketaya party wave with my girls.

    “A couple of girlfriends did a Sri Lanka run and I wasn’t able to go so I’ve been itching to check it out as they keep yapping about how good it was. I’m real excited for the long days in the sun, fun waves and really just having some time away on the beach with a good book and a Pina colada …

    I’m also super excited to hop on the train, check out a few Tea Plantations and maybe squeeze in a trek or two. Oh, and the food … if I can handle the spice ;)” – Kate

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    SUPERbrand Siamese Twin

    Wave of the Day

    Todd – Operations Manager

    Where do you want to go? Playground Resort, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? A Frames, Kandui, Rifles, Bankvaults… hang on is 4 dream waves too many??

    “The amount of fun waves on offer here is insane! Start the day off with some barrels for breakfast at A-Frames and you can’t go wrong. There’s plenty of options to score fun waves all day long here. Yoga and daily treks through the tropics are also on the agenda.”

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Misfit Fang

    Wave of the Day

    Leigh, Content Creator

    Where do you want to go? Hollow Trees, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

    What is your ‘dream’ Wave of the Day? HT’s, Rampy takeoff, throaty tube.

    “My Ideal surf trip is being posted on a tropical island, sippin’ coconuts between surf breaks whilst the missus does Yoga and Hollow Trees ticks all these boxes. Plus the wave looks like it’s paddle distance from the shore which gives you the freedom to surf when ever you want.”

    Talking surf trips, what’s your dream board for this mission?

    Joel Fitzgerald Tomahawk

    Looking for more Board Recommendations? Checkout the Board Engine Volume Calculator to find your perfect board!

    Wave of the Day

    29/11/2018 8:23 pm

    The Chippa Wilson Collection

    Chippa Wilson is undoubtably one of the most radical surfers of today, best known for his acrobatics above the lip and his heavy carves. But what is the gear that get's him there? Look no further.

    We are stoked to have the entire Chippa set-up available in-store so we thought we may as well throw it all together for you. Chippa is loyal to his long time shaper Matt Hurworth together they have seemingly mastered the perfect weapon for progressive surfing The Ruff Seas.

    Chippa's signature grip comes from the Octopus is real, a company he co-founded with fellow shred lords Dion Agius and Nate Tyler back in 2015. Chippa is far from the conventional surfer and as seen in his latest clip with Octopus he is riding a Twin + stabiliser (small rear fin) set up that himself and Neal Purchase Jnr designed with Captain Fin Co. Check out the entire Chippa Wilson collection below.

    25/10/2018 1:48 pm

    Cole Houshmand shreds the HS - Ando

    17 year old Cole Houshmand is an up and coming shredder from the infamous Californian town of San Clemente. Last year Cole joined the Haydenshapes team and since then has been shredding away on the QS, recently placing 2nd in the Vans US Open. Coles go-to boards from the Haydenshapes range are the Darkside and the Ando which he is seen riding in this clip.

    Set-up Ridden in this Clip
    Click images to see details

    23/08/2018 12:51 pm

    Lachie Rombouts and his Misfit Gun's

    Credits: O'Neill Australia.

    Lachie Rombouts is one of those humble characters that let's his surfing speak for itself. Recently his sponsor O'Neill caught up with him on his daily ritual to give insight into the surprisingly relaxed life of this big wave charger. Lachie posted his quiver recently on Instagram thanking Dave Howell the man behind MISFIT Shapes for the helping him catch the best waves of his life. Lachie's quiver consists of a number of custom MISFIT - Gun's 12ft, 10ft, 9'6, 8'2 and 6'7.


    16/08/2018 3:28 pm

    Crusty Classics ~ The Blueprint

    The 2004 Biopic on Shane Dorian - THE BLUEPRINT. An insight into the mind of one of the most diverse surfers in modern existence. WATCH IT HERE Read More

    24/05/2017 2:34 pm

    Simon Anderson - Thruster Invention

    Step inside the mind (and factory) of Simon Anderson for his take on board design and what makes him tick! Read More

    4/05/2017 1:29 pm
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