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Narrabeen | 11.3.17

East Coast Roast.

It’s been a dormant Summer for the majority of east coast Australian surfers. Onshore, bluebottles and a plethora of rubbish swells, the only craft majority of us have been perfecting is the peddle down to the pub to wet the whistle and talk up how good (rubbish) the beachie was that everyone missed surfing this morning. So it was no surprise that when this recent swell hit last week, every man and his dog jumped at the opportunity to utilise the already accumulated sick days this year and get barrelled out of our minds.

Now, we’ve all bared witness to the immaculate waves that were on offer to the Gold Coast, but what about Sydney’s Northern Beaches? Those lucky few who charged it scored, serving up a strong reminder to us all, to be well prepared for what’s around the corner this year and get your boards in order so you don’t blow it!

14/03/2017 12:23 pm