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Soft Top Froth Down Under

Alright, let’s get one thing straight here.. Surfing is a fun thing. If you think it’s anything else you’re tripping! Yes we are well aware summer’s over for another season but let’s just remind ourselves of the fact that you can go for a paddle with your mates and have a laugh and it doesn’t need to be on your 5’5 19 ¼ high performance board.

Lets just wind it back and reimagine yourself on a Catch Surf under foot. Put it this way, the fun times of a finless, super small, bright like neon lights colours of a soft top just demand you to have fun and throw it back to what surfing started out as. No these aren't kids boards, no they aren't a boogie board and you don't have to worry about getting a ding!

The best thing about these things is the amount of head turning people give you and the amount of guys in the water oozing jealousy because they know your having 10 times more fun than they are. Check the vid and get stoked! Its always cool to see footage of Kalani Robb if your an old school frother and stoke out on what you and your homies could be doing after work in the shorey tomorrow afternoon.

5/04/2017 4:06 pm