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Dave Rastovich in Cropaganda

Gary McNeill has always blazed his own trail when it comes to the cosmic concepts he translates into his surfboard designs. One of Gary's signature design additions is the "Torus Channel" which is a full length channel that provides hold in hollow sections and helps generate speed when pumping with your front foot. Because of this channel, boards such as the Rasta Torus Twin have more control and can be pushed harder than your traditional twin fin.

For a bit of fun and experimentation Gary decided to add some circle edges dubbed "Crop Circles" into the usual Torus Channel design. We cannot confirm how much this affects the design but one thing we can confirm from watching this clip is that Rasta is ripping on it.

If you find yourself intrigued enough to want some Crop Circles on your next custom order then upon special request and additional cost we can make this happen. For now, enjoy this psychedelic film by Jai Anderson and Chris Miyashiro.

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7/09/2020 11:54 am

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