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WATCH: DREAM AGAIN Starring Luke Davis.

Dream Again starring Luke Davis . A dreamy Balinese point break and an 80's style thruster being surfed to it's limits. The new Rad Ripper by Lost Surfboards designed for high volume fun in everyday surfing. With a fair amount of rocker under the wide squash tail the Rad Ripper holds stable speed and momentum through turns. Also featured in this film is the Maysym (Goofy or Regular). Proven above by Luke Davis the Rad Ripper and Maysym are a great choice for fast rail to rail surfing.

Filmed by Alessio Saraifoger, Sean Gilhooley, & Timmy Toes
Edit by Vacation Club Studio
Music by David Byrne 'Big Business'

Lost Surfboards Mayhem Rad Ripper

7/05/2019 3:52 pm