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I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

The title "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" is a perfect match for the new surf film by Deus, Raen, Lincoln Caplice and Dustin Humphrey. Watching this film at an open air screening at a recent Thomas Surfboards party, we got smacked in the face with eye watering cinematic imagery of Harrison Roach and Bryce Young getting crystal blue caves in remote Indonesia. This film is like those Corona ads that get you excited to travel, drink beers and get barrelled, except it has actual surfing. With warm colours, unique surf craft, remote locations and steezy surfing you will go on a little journey to stokeville. The film is being officially released in May. Gather your likeminded pals, organise some snacks, cold beers and a good screen/speaker setup and froth out on this clean, soulful surf film. If we ever have too much to dream, we hope it involves similar imagery and adventures. Enjoy.

The track is by Old Man Canyon, it's called Wiser.
12/05/2014 5:14 pm