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Magic Carpets

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Why does Rasta always seem to be having the most fun? Is it because he's able to make it out of ridiculous barrels? Is it because he's able to rip 2ft sand bottom points or 12 ft cloudbreak? Or is it because he gets a healthy supply of Gary's boards to ride all year round? We're going to say it's more than likely a combination of all 3!

Gary McNeill has been in the game for many years and continues to shape boards of the highest quality, recently putting together his finest surfboards to date, creating much hype for surfers all around the globe. You can expect big things to come from Gary as he continues to experiment with different shapes and designs alongside Rasta. Check out Gary McNeill Concepts on Boardcave.

Stay tuned for more to come...

13/01/2015 3:58 pm