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The New Models by JS

Recently the team at JS have added 3 new models to their elite range. The first two are the latest and greatest addition to the 8 year long evolution of the popular Blak Box series, The Blak Box 3 Squash and Swallow Tail. These versatile models are designed to keep you surfing your best and bring fun to even the most average conditions. More planning area in the nose and extra foam under the chest gives this board excellent acceleration and glide whilst the more forward wide point creates a straighter outline that will keep you driving from rail to rail with constant speed. See video below of Parko (6'0" - 83kg) riding a 5'9" x 19 5/8" x 2 7/16" = 29.9L

The third new model is the swallow tail Monsta Box. For this model JS have fused their 2 best selling boards in the range together to create a board that suits an even wider range of surfers and conditions. The Monsta Box is Mikey Wrights' go-to everyday board. A blended rocker profile of the Monsta 8 and Black Box 2 by adding a long single to double concave. This allows the board to shine in sub-par conditions yet provides control in good conditions. A medium full rail allows for smooth rail to rail transitions yet enough volume to cut through chop without loosing speed or catching. A performance outline suited for all conditions! Check out the video below of Julian Wilson ripping the Monsta Box in average conditions

9/10/2018 11:25 am