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Synthetic Sally

Panda Surfboards x Ford Archbold from Matt Tromberg on Vimeo.

Ford Archbold loves warm Central American barrels as much as the next person, and who can blame him! This clip features Ford putting his signature model with Panda to good use! The Synthetic Sally by Panda Surfboards features a wide outline and an old school beaked nose, with tons of volume. Combined with higher performance rails and a nice pulled in winged swallow tail, this blend of old and new make for a board that will suit most surfers and can be surfed in a lot of different types of waves and conditions.

We here at Boardcave have always been a huge fan of shorter, wider, full volume boards. The proof is in the pudding that this style of board works. Many brands offer similar elements in many of their models. Don't be fooled that these hybrid style of boards are only good for smaller or mushy days...take the plunge and leave your traditional shorty at home the next time your local is firing. You will not be disappointed in the results, as it'll allow you to look at waves in a new way and draw new lines that you can translate back to your shorty with ease.

Check out all boards on offer here, and narrow your search to "hybrid" to expand your mind and the possibilities of where surfing can take you.

16/07/2015 3:51 pm