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Surfboards Gold Coast

Surfboards Gold Coast are not hard to come by. Australia’s Gold Coast is home to some of the best surfing breaks around the world with Gold Coast Surfboards Shapers also being amongst the best in the world. Whether you are new to surfing and looking for a beginner surfboards, a seasoned ripper in need of a new surfboard, or looking to get experimental with finless surfboards, log’s and fish surfboards, there is plenty of surfboards on the Gold Coast to choose from.

With popular brands like DHD, Gary McNeill, DMS, Clearwater and more, Gold Coast Surfboards and shapers are some of the best around.

    • 1-DA Shapes Surfboards
    • Gavin Upson
    • Currumbin Waters
    • 25
    • Darren Handley, Simon Anderson, Luke Short
    • Josh Boyle, Zhana Hutchieson, Jarred Hancox, Matt Boyle, Aaron Banks
    Gavin Upson, founder of 1-DA Surfboards, has been the lead shaper for some very notable brands, and now brings his passion and experience to you.
    • ClearWater Surfboards
    • Steve Del Rosso
    • Currumbin Waters
    • 31
    • Bert Burger, Simon Anderson, Col Ladhams, Mick Manolas, Mick Button, Lufi
    • Clinton Guest, Mark McNamara, Georgia Young (Aus Champ) Ryan Goddard, Dan Corbett, Max Marsden.
    Steve Del Rosso took over the Clearwater Surfboards label in 1996 and has grown the brand from strength to strength with his experience and knowledge of shaping a large selection of surfboards from fine tuned performance longboards to your go to shortboard.
    • DHD Surfboards
    • Darren Handley
    • Burleigh Heads
    • Murray Bourton
    • Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Jack Freestone, Matt Wilkinson, Ryan Hipwood, Asher Pacey.
    Grown up at Kirra, on Queensland's Gold Coast, Darren Handley has been in the surf his entire life. Learning from the master, Murray Bourton from the age of 12, he perfected his designs and eventually started his own brand, DHD.
    • DMS Surfboards
    • Daniel Macdonald
    • Currumbin Waters
    • 18
    • Matt Biolos, Timmy Patterson
    • Heath Joske, Mikey Brennan
    DM Shapes (DMS) has been leading the way in innovation, from his patented carbon wrap system, to the stunning tints and gloss's, with retro, hybrid and performance boards.
    • Firewire Surfboards
    • Nev Hyman
    • Currumbin Valley
    • 47
    • Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Timmy Reyes, Stuey Kennedy, Wingnut
    Firewire Surfboards, founded by shaping guru Nev Hyman, has been shaping surfboards and at the fore-front of surf technology for over 30 years. Through embracing new technologies, Firewire consistently innovate surf design and construction throughout the industry.
  • Gary McNeil Concepts started by wizard shaping legend Gary McNeil concentrate on the development of fun, performance inspired custom boards to ensure you get the most out of every wave.
    • JR Surfboards
    • Jason Rodd
    • Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast
    • 22
    • Shaun Cansdell,Thomas Woods, Eli Steele
    Jason Rodd and the team at JR, through constant refinement, are producing some of the best shortboards, fishes and twinnys. Jasons Carbon 201 construction uses a carbon stringer instead of timber with a carbon wrap, making the surfboards stronger and more flexibale.
    • Pyzel Surfboards
    • Jon Pyzel
    • Currumbin Waters
    • John John Florence
    Pyzel Surfboards is the creation of Jon Pyzel. Jon lives and surf in Hawaii, where Pyzel started on the North Shore. Jon has been surrounded by some of the world's best surfers, shapers and waves.
    • Bourton Shapes
    • Murray Bourton
    • Burleigh Heads
    • 48
    • Troy Brooks, Luke Munro, Ry Craike, Lee Wilson
    Murray Bourton has over 40 years experience in the design and manufacturing of surfboards. In the beginning it was Pipedream surfboards, and was re-invented into Bourton Shapes.
    • Chapman Surfboards
    • Dale Chapman
    • Burleigh Heads
    • 32
    Dale Chapman has over 25 years experience, and shaped over 18,000 boards. In addition to producing stock boards for City Beach, and Jacks Surfboards, Dale Chapman also shapes custom boards, to every specification.
    • Mt Woodgee Surfboards
    • Wayne McKewen
    • Currumbin Valley
    • 46
    • Bede Durbidge, Paige Hareb, Gary Elkerton, Lincoln Taylor, Tim McDonald
    Nick Anagnostou, founder of Mt Woodgee Surfboards began shaping from a farmhouse in the early 70’s. Mt Woodgee now consists of a team, Wayne McKewen, Ian Byrne and Gill Glover.

Gold Coast Information

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