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Shaper Session is a Boardcave initiative bridging the gap between surfers having the opportunity to personally connect with leading international surfboard shapers. Get advice and converse directly in an exclusive private chat with shapers and owners of leading surfboard brands to dial in your perfect custom surfboard. If you've always wanted to speak directly with a world class surfboard shaper for a personal surfboard recommendation then this is your chance! All you have to do is secure an appointment and you're on the way to receiving a model and size recommendation from the best surfboard shapers in the world!

Our current Shaper Session is with Dave Howell, head shaper and owner of Misfit Surfboards. You can view the current Misfit Shapes range below.
Spaces are limited! Be sure to your reserve your spot to avoid missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to dial in your magic board that'll take your surfing to the next level! What are you waiting for? Book your session