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Hypto Krypto 5 Fin vs Thruster

Q: Is there any difference in the 3 Fin positioning on the Hypto 5 Fin?

A. Yes there is ! On the Hypto Krypto 5 fin, the 2 front fins of the 3 fin cluster are positioned 1/8 of an inch further forward.

Q: Is there a noticeable difference in the way the board surfs as a thruster?

A. Keep it super simple. This means as a thruster the the board has slightly more drive on the open face. Perfect for the Indo trip or any Aussie point break.

The beauty of it is the Hypto 5 fin, as a Quad, will allow the board to surf tighter in the pocket, as well as snappier out of the lip. Also making the board a killer performer in a Rip Bowl or Local Beachie!

Making it the perfect ONE board quiver!!!

Looking for more information? Check out our article about five fin surfboards for all you need to know.
14/10/2015 1:17 pm