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The Glasslab

Ever wondered where your board was born? If you've ordered a board from any of the top board brands chances are you've ridden a board that's passed through the Glasslab.

The Glasslab provides world class glassing for your favourite board brands such as Channel Islands, Sharp Eye, ACSOD, Lost, Stacey Surfboards, DHD, Hammo and more.

The new Glasslab factory features it's very first epoxy glassing bay! Glasslab have spent over a year in R&D to ensure all EPS and Epoxy boards are completed at the highest quality possible. They have a separate room for EPS boards which means no cross contamination from standard PU boards. This means the quality on all your Ghost Tech, Carbon Wrap, X Core Reactor, Phantom Phlex, E2 epoxyeye and other epoxy constructions are second to none.

Their purpose built extraction machine for the new space is state of the art! It's connected to every room that kicks off foam or resin dust removing 99.9% of dust and 96.3% of the OC!

Tune in as Glasslab owner, Adam Wessel gives a tour of the new, larger Glasslab premises and gives us a run down on production manufacturing.

If you're keen to find out more about laminating boards and the processes involved you can find more info here (insert adams glassing blog post).

21/11/2017 5:05 pm